Review the Act Now!

Published on Tuesday 29th October, 2013 by Celtic Trust 

Let’s make it an issue for them

Despite the Offensive Behaviour Act being supported only by the governing party members, there has been a marked absence, with a few honourable exceptions, of MSPs of other parties pushing to have this legislation reviewed and hopefully repealed. Continue reading “Review the Act Now!”

Read The Roll Of Honour

You can have you human rights revoked for singing this song at a football game. The song is not classified as illegal under Scots Law,. The truth is that Sheriffs can’t find a point in law where it can be considered illegal unless someone pleads guilty and there may be good reasons for that. . The SNP consider it to be illegal because it mentions Irish republican prisoners who gave their life in the hope that they would be categorised as Political prisoners. They should have been because they were tried in military courts, no Jury. Continue reading “Read The Roll Of Honour”

The Struggle Goes On. . .

By @St_SixtusDrumbhoy

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As the dust settles on Thomas Rannachans Axe The Act Campaign in the Govan by-election campaign, I thought I’d write down a few paragraphs on it all. The campaign was most definitely a success. It was a success because the SNP felt our presence and that was the main purpose. Continue reading “The Struggle Goes On. . .”

Stand With The Banned Bhoys – Axe The Act

The Banned Bhoys
Guilty until proven innocent

This morning another seven Celtic fans joined the ‘Banned Bhoys’. At this point they have been served with football banning orders even though they have not yet been found guilty of any offence. The now familiar story of early morning raids, the sort of things normally reserved for drug dealers and serious criminals continues. God only knows how this affects the families of these supporters but FoCUS and the SNP don’t care. They just want to justify the millions of ponds they spending to curb freedom of expression. Continue reading “Stand With The Banned Bhoys – Axe The Act”

Axe The Act – Govan By Election

Axe The Act – Govan By Election

Vote and Support Thomas Rannachan

The Celtic Network supports Thomas Rannachan in the upcoming Govan By Election

Thomas Rannachan, is a 36 year old who is standing as an Independent candidate in the Govan by-election on Thursday 10th October 2013, under the Axe the Act banner.  Continue reading “Axe The Act – Govan By Election”