TCN Welcomes Celtic FC’s Statement On The OB Act

As long term supporters of Fans Against Criminalisation (FAC), this site welcomes and supports the statement by Celtic FC restating the club’s opposition to the Offensive Behaviour At Football And Threatening Communications Act 2012.

We have stated ad nauseum that this act does not help the fight against sectarianism in Scotland, it has only succeeded in criminalising football supporters who otherwise would not find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

Here is Celtic FC’s Statement:

CELTIC has opposed the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012 from the outset as evidenced by our submission to the Justice Committee in 2011.

We believe that the Act has the potential to discriminate against football supporters.

Celtic continues to oppose the Act and, as a contribution to the Scottish Government’s review of the Act, met recently with the Scottish Government to explain our position.

We proposed that at a minimum certain offences under the Act should be repealed.  Celtic also recently met with Fans Against Criminalisation to discuss how to take this issue forward.

We wait with interest the findings of the forthcoming review and trust that it will be the full, transparent and in-depth review that football fans expect.

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While we support the ‘Threatening Communications’ part of the Act, we feel that the offensive behavior at football part should be scrapped.

We would also point out that anyone committing a sectarian or racist offence at Saturdays  ‘Orangefest’ Sanctioned by Glasgow City Council can’t be prosecuted under the Act because there is not a football match on in the city. However they will be charged under legislation which was in place long before this Act was born. So we still say that this act was neither wanted nor needed.

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