Matheson Slams Offensive Behaviour Act

I’m certainly not a fan of Gordon Matheson. There are issues around parades throughout Glasgow and his perceived closeness to the Orange Order that I have a major issue with. However as leader of Scotland’s largest local authority his letter to Roseanna Cunningham, must be supported.
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Roll of Honour release statement by FAC

Published on Sunday 9th February, 2014 by Celtic Trust

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Expose the hypocrites – download Roll of Honour!

Fans Against Criminalisation have by now officially launched our single ‘’Roll of Honour’’ in association with The Irish Brigade. Continue reading “Roll of Honour release statement by FAC”

Open Meeting For Celtic Fans

We would like to pass on the following information we received yesterday.

Dear all

In the light of all the recent events and developments within Celtic Park and in other grounds, the Celtic Trust has decided to call an Open Meeting (similar to ones held a few years ago) to discuss, in a formal and structured way, the concerns that many supporters have, and to determine, if possible a unified response. Continue reading “Open Meeting For Celtic Fans”

Are You Concerned About Fans Harassment ?

Hail, Hail fellow Tims.

Tonight I’ve noticed several of our fellow supporters complaining about fan harassment at today’s match. This is no big surprise to me as I’ve been involved with Fans Against Criminalisation for a couple of years now. However what I’d like to say is that while social media is good for highlighting issues it’s not the right platform to resolve issues.
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Christine Grahame MSP – Everything That’s Wrong With Politics

As you know the Celtic Trust and FAC have been active in asking people to email their MSP’s to call for an early review of the Offensive Behavior At Football and Threatening Communications ACT. If you don’t know about it or have not yet sent an email then go HERE. It will take you around 30 seconds to complete the process. Continue reading “Christine Grahame MSP – Everything That’s Wrong With Politics”

Review the Act Now!

Published on Tuesday 29th October, 2013 by Celtic Trust 

Let’s make it an issue for them

Despite the Offensive Behaviour Act being supported only by the governing party members, there has been a marked absence, with a few honourable exceptions, of MSPs of other parties pushing to have this legislation reviewed and hopefully repealed. Continue reading “Review the Act Now!”

Read The Roll Of Honour

You can have you human rights revoked for singing this song at a football game. The song is not classified as illegal under Scots Law,. The truth is that Sheriffs can’t find a point in law where it can be considered illegal unless someone pleads guilty and there may be good reasons for that. . The SNP consider it to be illegal because it mentions Irish republican prisoners who gave their life in the hope that they would be categorised as Political prisoners. They should have been because they were tried in military courts, no Jury. Continue reading “Read The Roll Of Honour”