FAC Demo more important than Sevco

The latest revelations from the pantomime of the century is most enjoyable and really quite funny however tomorrows FAC Demo is what

FAC public demo 06-04-2013
Stand Up For Your Rights

we really should be concentrating on.

It’s vitally important for that as many supporters as possible turn out at George Square tomorrow. Not everyone uses social media so please take the time to call or text your friends and family and let them know about the demo. Continue reading “FAC Demo more important than Sevco”

FAC Demo Doomed To Fail

FAC public demo 06-04-2013
Stand Up For Your Rights

Saturday’s Fans Against Criminalisation demo to be held in George Square, Glasgow at 12.00 noon is doomed to fail and nothing will change.

However that is only if fans do not bother to turn up. It is vitally important that as many supporters as possible make it to the square for 12.00 on Saturday. Many supporters have a bit of travelling to do in order to attend Celtic games but it would be great if these fellow supporters could leave home a bit earlier if at all possible to help fill the square.

If we can get 10,000 + in the square that would send out a clear message that the current harassment of football fans must end and the Offensive behavior at football part of the Bill must be repealed. The other benefit of a large turnout would be to ensure the demo makes the national UK mainstream news shows. We know we will be well represented on the web by our bloggers etc but making the national news would be a great bonus and help heap more pressure on the Scottish government to scrap this useless and undemocratic piece of legislation.

So please if you can make it come and stand with your fellow supporters and help bring an end to the harassment of football supporters.

Thank You

PS. Sorry about the tabloid type headline we just want to catch as many fans attention as possible 🙂