‘Kill the Bill’

There are age old connections which associate with being Scottish, Bravery & Pride being the most recognisable   fac kill the billconnections throughout history & all over the World. It takes a brave man to swallow his pride & admit when he has got it wrong, especially when he seeks support to lead a nation in a free and Independent way.
Mr Salmond & his SNP government seek a mandate from the Scottish people to trust in his judgement & to believe that what he intends to offer will take all of his people with him on a historical journey, a journey the likes of which as Scots we have never seen before.
The Offensive behaviour & Communications in football bill, is an act deemed unnecessary and unworkable by a majority of people, a majority of which he asks their commitment to his new vision. 
Now he must show that leadership quality by simply admitting when he gets it wrong & by showing that well acknowledged Scottish Courage with the bravery to reconsider a flawed installment hurriedly placed in the law book & by then removing it to consign it to a bin marked tried, tested & failed. 
There would be no shame in such an action, I would submit, rather it would resound of a listening leader, a leader who listens to his people. That for me, would be a show of true strength, the Scottish historical character. 
‘Scotland the Brave’ is not solely about muscle or might.
Mr Salmond would do well to show common sense & much consideration when hearing the voices of the people requesting he is brave enough to lead without ego, stubbornness or indeed unfairness.
The Scottish people want to believe in freedom but that freedom must register & must also be accepted in complaint and then fitting action to address it. An act which criminalises football fans across the board to the great discomfort of many an academic voice, must be reviewed as hastily as it was designed. There is no need for the snow drift to grow into an avalanche.
Mr Salmond should himself know that the Scottish people, lots of them simply hard working non criminal individuals, consider the final and true aspiration to govern over the Independence of those people, will be seen & or gained, without the prospect of dictatorship ever being perceived on display, but rather, by democratic decisions made & a willingness to accept that a leader can also be wrong & then correcting.
Mr Salmond would do well to remember that pride very often comes before a fall, for this act/bill/law quite clearly could indeed become the jagged thistle that see’s true Independence slip from a long awaited grasp to the detriment of the very people who for so long have demanded it. 
Do not take the Scottish people for granted Sir, for they may well then decide to stay & suffer with the historical devil they have known, rather than the uncertain, unknown future with a man who would be King, if only for a day.
‘Kill the Bill’ lest it kills a true Scottish freedom !

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Peaceful Fans Attacked and Harassed

Police State Scotland

Well done to Alex Salmond you got your way and gave your Police force the powers to carry out state condoned thuggery on peaceful protesters. Today my wife ,myself , hundreds of fans and the general public seen the state’s boot boys in all their fascist glory.

How many times have you heard ‘everything was fine till the Police turned up’ ? Well that’s exactly what happened today. What should have been a peaceful march to Celtic Park from the Gollowgate was turned into a brutal assault on freedom of expression and legitimate non violent protest.

People were ‘kettled’, obstructed, harassed and assaulted by Strathclyde police some of whom were brought in from Ayrshire (wonder why?).

The most disgusting thing that happened was a guy with a very young kid who was no part of the fans group was told he would be arrested and his child given to social workers for simply walking down a street. I met the guy and he was as white as a sheet and his toddler was screaming. Keep People Safe ? Orwell would be impressed with that bit of double speak.

I’m still very angry. I’m also willing to swear under oath that I did not see one Celtic fan acting in an aggressive manner. The Police on the other hand did.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.